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Make-up By Madge

NicePrint Photography

Hizons Catering

After trying several food tasting event we shortlisted our caterers.

Hizon’s Catering, Josiahs, Swan Catering, and Center Table Catering. We also thought of Manila Peninsula, Culliere, and K by Cunanan but these caterers are prohibitively expensive.

Among these, we picked Hizon’s because they gave us a very good deal for our bucks. Of course, it is still too early to tell if they would do it well during the event but nonetheless, I’d like to acknowledge them for giving us a good deal.

Their site is at


Episode II The Reception Venue

 As early as January 3, my fiancee and I were already on the hunt for a reception venue. We signed up for a Hizon’s food tasting event at Oasis – a place which we heavily considered. However, Oasis is almost fully booked by December in the afternoon so we were left with no other choice but to reconsider our initial wedding date of December 28 OR look for other venues by that time.

We checked Gazebo Royale and it’s also booked by that time and besides, San Agustin Church in Intramuros is way too far from Gazebo Royale in Visayas Avenue (unless of course we want to make it a hellday for our guest) so we had it scrapped from our lists.

Another choice are the gardens in Intramuros i.e., Puerta Real and San Diego Gardens. These gardens are lovely and very romantic. So with high hopes, we visited the Palacio (Administrator’s Office) in Intramuros for us to book the day. Too bad we were informed that their Calendar is still closed for 2010 bookings only to find out from my fiancee’s cousin that we still have to bribe these corrupt employees for us to be booked – scrapped from listing with a heavy heart.

A caterer informed us to check the Ramon Magsaysay Hall in Roxas since the place is good. We head to the place and it was a blah. For some reason I don’t feel any connection with the place. It was clean and I’m sure that it would look better after the caterer and event stylist worked their magic on the place but there’s definitely something that is missing in the place – scrap from listt.

Since we were already in Roxas we checked the Palacio de Maynila. The place looks nice but it’s prohibitively expensive like we would end up serving chichacorns (fried corn kernels), kropeks (prawn crackers), butong pakwan (sun-dried watermelon seeds), and tetra pak juices for our guests – out from list.

Next was the Ibarra’s Garden in Malate. In the picture it looks really nice that it matches our Spanish themed wedding. But when we visited the place it was a so so. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing that is so impressive.

When I was checking for a venues near Intramuros, I chanced upon La Castellana inside Intramuros. It is just three blocks away from San Agustin Church. I hit the website and the place is good ( as least in pictures. I was very skeptic that we would fall prey once again on those deceptive screenshots.

Since my fiancee and I are in a hurry to find a place, I took an early out from the office and immediately went to La  Castellana. The entrance is perfect for our Spanish themed wedding.


Inside, you would be greeted by a small terra cotta fountain remisnicent of the Castillian architecture and design. That day we booked for January 3, 2010. Mark the date.


Episode 1 The Church

January 24th, Saturday

11:00 AM Barely a week after my proposal, if you can call that a proposal, my fiancée and I decided to go on a church hunting. I can’t remember how we arrived on an agreement that we need to do it in a Catholic rights because we initially thought of doing the ceremony in a garden set-up. Nevertheless, both of us are here and the goal for the day is to find a church.

11:30 AM: First stop is the walled city of Intramuros. Intramuros only has 2 known churches inside it – the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church.


11:45 AM We found ourselves in front of the San Agustin Church. Outside, the peach-colored façade tries to hide the crevices and cracks made by time, unassuming, and lacks the charm of a gothic masterpiece – dull.


12:00 PM We got inside the church and right then and there I held my fiancée’s hand, took a deep breath, and said I’ll marry you in this church. I don’t know… perhaps it is the trompe-l’oeil that makes the dome appear to “open” the skies or the fact that it stood in that place for centuries which gives it drama but nonetheless the entire place is mesmerizing.